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Posted by on Jul 5, 2014

Novaglass – Proof that persistance and hard work pays off.

Novaglass – Proof that persistance and hard work pays off.

It took 4 years from the initial meeting with the residents committee of a set of luxury apartments in Molesey, through to project completion.

David Moore from Novaglass didn’t give up in his quest to get quotes and samples approved by the committee and proof that hardwork pays off as they are now the nominated installer.  They were very pleased in the end and Novaglass received the following testimonial.

I don’t know if it’s the right thing to congratulate you or not, but I, as the leading sceptic here, think that the windows installed here to date look very, very good indeed.

Thanks are due to you for your perseverance, and for the others, Ron Stonely, in particular, who did so much of the early ground work. Visually, I think you have all done very well. It is very difficult to tell new from old, and many won’t! I believe that “one on the inside”, as it were, is also pleased, because I’ve heard of a ‘Window opening party@ in the offing!!!!  Keep up the good work.

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