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BNI Elmbridge currently hold a virtual meeting every Friday at 7am - Connect to the meeting here

About us

Every Friday at 6.50am a group of business people meet at prestigious Burhill Golf Club to exchange business leads and benefit from working with a group of forward-looking entrepreneurs.

By 8.30am refreshed with breakfast, new business leads and an insight into how other companies are working, we are better equipped for a successful day’s work.

BNI is the most successful and largest business referral organisation in the world. If you operate a business in the Walton, Weybridge or Cobham area, you are very welcome to join us for breakfast to see the benefits for yourself.

The key benefits of BNI are:
Increased exposure to many new businesses and people
Substantially increases business referrals
Access to some of the best network training available
Meet up to 40 businesses for up to 52 weeks per year
Generate business while your competition is still sleeping

However, we only allow one member per profession or business to join, so don’t delay!