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Posted by on Sep 17, 2014

Tales from the BNI ELMBRIDGE CRYPT  –  from Alan James our oldest servingmember

Tales from the BNI ELMBRIDGE CRYPT – from Alan James our oldest servingmember

alan-jamesAlan James holds the Accountant category in our Chapter and is the longest serving member in the group!

For 13 years Alan has been there every Friday for our meeting – and not because he likes the company or the breakfast.  Below are three examples of some of the excellent referrals he has received and the reason that keeps renewing his membership.

I was given a referral from a former chapter member to a friend starting a business in Central London. I met her at Starbucks Clapham Junction. She engaged us and the following year she called me to say that she wished to meet on a specific date in April. This was in August of the previous year. Of course I agreed to . I received regular calls seeking to confirm the appointment from various glamorous locations, Santa Barbara, Monaco, and Cape Town. Each time , aside from seeking to confirm the appointment, there seemed to be an increasing number of attendees to the meeting, her boyfriend, her boyfriends p.a., her boyfriends accountant. She declined to tell me who her boyfriend was.  Nearer the time, it transpired, her photo appeared in the press, with her boyfriend. It was an “A” list celebrity . I had a very enjoyable time meeting her , as arranged , but also meeting the celebrity!!

One of the early members of BNI was Chris Methold, a  car salesman operating from Send, Woking. He had procured the London  distributorship for Porsche Chisel Speedsters (Replica Porsche 356). After his 10 minutes, the door prize was a weeks free hire of one of these vehicles  – a superb silver convertible. I won the prize! Having won it, I  of course drove everywhere in the car . On a visit to central London, it got a number of admiring glances and comments including one from Ian Wright – who wanted to buy the car from me. It possibly provided the seed of desire to own a Porsche  – which I now do!

Filling the accountants post in the Chapter makes it impossible to visit other chapters, because there is an accountant everywhere. However, this doesn’t stop me receiving work from other accountants who hold the post in their respective chapter. I currently have 3 accountants in local chapters who refer work to me – one who is not a Registered auditor, another who is about to de register as an auditor and a third who refers all Limited company work to us. The First “referrer” resulted in us taking on a client who became our largest stand- alone client for a number of years. A groundwork business, dealing in sizeable construction projects , the client has been a client for over 12 years. We have provided support services such as payroll, VAT returns,  bookkeeping and full CIS Compliance work. Their payroll has been sizeable – up to 40 employees, and over £10m turnover.

A big thank you to Accountants in other chapters from me !”